Parcels Of Joy: Unfolding The Magic Of Dumplings

June 26, 2023 0 By Laia Valdivia

chinatown dumplings melbourne

Whoever coined the phrase “the best things come in small packages” had just eaten a plate of chinatown dumplings in Melbourne. No other food comes close to rivalling rice’s versatility – whether fried, steamed, or boiled they are an absolute delight in your mouth and boast a myriad of variations and ingredients for both veg lovers and carnivores alike!The secret to this magic lies in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown, where dumplings are transformed from simple parcels of dough into delectable morsels that transcend cultural boundaries​​.

Sublime Seafood Delights

ShanDong MaMa, located in Melbourne, is known for its fish dumplings. These delicious handmade parcels contain aromatic ginger and coriander roots for an irresistibly flavourful filling. The Golden Dragon Palace is another hotspot where the fight for parking is as exciting as the taste of their ha gow (prawn dumplings) and siu mai (pork dumplings) served with spicy XO sauce. As they say, good things don’t last; be sure to enjoy your weekend dining quickly as seatings usually last 50 minutes or less.

The Taste of Tradition

Shanghai Street in Melbourne is known for its classic xiao long bao made with high-quality ingredients. Shen jian bao, which resembles an XLB but with hotter, crispier, and more comprehensive ingredients, should not be missed when visiting Secret Kitchen Chinatown. If you prefer traditional flavours over those that mix them up too much, yum cha is your go-to spot; its staple yum cha dishes remain true to tradition while for more daring diners there are special offerings such as mushroom buns topped with truffle, siu mai mixed with house XO sauce siu mai and rolled rice noodles filled with fried prawn mixture!

Luxurious Encounters

For those seeking a luxurious chinatown dumplings melbourne experience, Melbourne’s Chinatown has got you covered. The seafood soup dumpling here is an exercise in luxuriousness – one large dumpling filled with mud crab, scallop, prawns, served in an exquisite chicken broth is definitely going to give you a completely new set of flavours.


Whether you are a local or a tourist, a foodie or a casual diner, a visit to Melbourne’s Chinatown is incomplete without trying these dumplings. They offer more than just a gastronomic experience; they open the door to a cultural journey that is as fulfilling as it is delicious. The dumplings in Chinatown, Melbourne, are not just food; they are an experience, a tradition, and a celebration of taste and culture.