Work Domains Of A Hydrographic Surveyor

December 10, 2023 0 By Laia Valdivia

About 70% of Earth is composed of water bodies so there is no way one can ignore in recording, supervising, observing, and monitoring the physical features of water parts of this planet. All kinds of small to large water bodies like sea, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, waterfalls, coastal areas, etc. are under strict survey eye of water experts. Hydrographic data is difficult and complicated to attain in comparison to the geographical data, as former is related to water depths while the latter is connected to land. The main reason of carrying out hydrographic surveys is to get a detail insight on the qualitative and quantitative data of the underwater terrain. As we know this one is a hard task, so hydrographic surveyors, their specialized equipment, accessories, and tools customized for hydrographical surveys are hired for this underwater analysis. To name the talents of these professionals is that these are quite familiar with the constantly changing underwater environment as well as are skilled in safe navigation, marine constructions, surveying techniques, cartography, etc. The first and foremost approach employed is multi-beam echo sounders that are sent down into the waters. Hydrographic analysis is a must as it ensures a sustainable management of water resources of freshwater and marine water bodies. Physical features of water from shore to the depth are all part of such surveys. 

Hydrographic surveyor 

Hydrography is a field that is based on the physical and functional assessment of the features of different kinds of water bodies. This type of analysis is conducted by licensed and skilled hydrographic surveyor who personalizes the means of survey by observing and strategizing the current and abruptly changing water environment, as this factor can deeply affect the hydrographical surveying processes. In this case, more than manpower the official relies on the accuracy of mechanical approaches to perform this job. Some of the common equipment used by the surveyors includes single or multi-beam echo sounders, cameras equipped with recorders, side –scan sonar, GPS receiver, inertial navigators, etc. 

Hydrographic surveyor operates right from being above the water surface in a boat or ship supervising the entire hydrographic project this close. In this way, he can stay near to the waters where survey is practiced while maintaining the utmost safety level. Marine planning, hydrographic surveying execution, data collection, and processing are some of the main duties of a hydrographic official in the maritime navigations.  


Hydrographic surveys 

Water management is a full-fledge mission that is carried out to maintain natural water resources, both freshwater and marine. Thus, to achieve such a landmark validation hydrographic surveys are recommended to practice on monthly or annually basis. There are water bodies situated in areas where there is challenging environments that also has adverse effects on water. So, here hydrographic analyses are mediated on a more regular basis to keep a normality check. Hydrographic surveys are not always governed by the environmental organizations. There are marine construction agencies, private surveying firms, government agencies, hydrographic offices, etc. that can also order for such physical water survey for different application needs.