Benefits Of Giving Formula Milk To Babies

October 24, 2019 Off By Laia Valdivia

There is a huge debate over giving a baby breast feed or a formula feed. The parents get confused because people around them give them multiple reasons to not give a baby formula milk and opt for breast feed. But, in the end, it is the choice of parents as to what they want to give their baby. No, one has a right to say a single word as this is their baby and they are the one who takes all the decisions about their baby.

Although, breast feed has so much benefits and we can’t deny them. At the same time, formula for baby milk has equally same benefits but it also has some advantages. Also, the parents have so much advantages if they select formula milk for their baby.

Benefits of Formula Milk:

Let’s have a look at the benefits of formula milk.

  • Convenient:

It is very convenient to feed. Suppose, we are out and baby starts crying during shopping. A mother has no other option instead of sit and feed him. But if a baby is on formula milk then she can easily make a feeder and give him. Along with feeding, she can easily shop.

  • A free hand to a Mother:

It allows a mother to stay free and feel independent even after having a baby. She doesn’t need to look after for her baby after every 2 hours because formula milk makes baby fuller for a long period of time. So, a baby doesn’t cry and parents can easily enjoy with a baby.

  • Additional Nutrients:

As we all know, when a baby doesn’t get all the nutrients from a mother’s milk then he starts throwing tantrums and cry like anything. We can’t understand the reasons of crying as we baby can’t speak. Formula milk has an additional nutrient in it which fulfil all the requirements of a baby.

  • Good Bonding with Others:

When a baby only sticks with mother for a breast feed then they do not have a good bonding with others as they all want their mother when they are hungry. But if they are on a formula feed then they only a feeder no matter who is holding them. As a result, they have a good understanding with others as well.

  • A Good Option for Working Ladies:

It is an ideal option for working ladies. A working lady can’t sit at home just to feed a baby. When they have a formula milk, they can take along with a baby anywhere.

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