How To Improve Your Singing

August 9, 2019 Off By Laia Valdivia

This is the age abundant with singers and musicians selling out shows or singing their hearts out, with the advent of new age where talent and passion is recognized and expressed through many platforms, it only brings you to question what your real goal and passion in life is and leaves you in doubt of yourself. If you have the desire to pursue a future in singing and do not have the confidence, there are few tips that may help in boosting and shaping you up.Performing on stage whether it be in front of the whole school, university or generally in public can be intimidating and frightening because the fear of being ridiculed and being made fun of.


The first thing you should do is gradually build up that confidence, this is very essential, no matter who puts you down or who believes in you, you need to believe in yourself and your dreams and gain strength to go on. Not an easy task but take baby steps towards it because if you don’t stand up and support yourself no one else is going to do it for you.Almost everyone can sing, but not all try to work on their voice to move forward. Of course, you don’t have to sing perfectly to follow your dream but improving on your voice can take you a leap. With the present technology where anything can be done online you can browse for singing lessons. And once you have learned few things you can go to vocal lessons.Just like the saying, practice makes a man perfect, singing often improves the quality of your voice. Most people think that warm up before singing is enough.

Warm up is essential but that alone is not sufficient. Like any other muscle in the body, training them makes it function better, it helps modulate your voice over a range but make sure you don’t strain it, once you feel a tension it’s better to rest. Learn to play a guitar or hire a private piano lessons Melbourne to learn piano and sing along to the tune or get the help of a friend who knows to play instrument and sing along or go to a karaoke, this helps in singing according to the tune.Once you have gained confidence in your singing try small gigs like singing at a party, singing in front of your family and then move on to something big like singing on a stage. Have a go-to song and also try to move out your comfort zone a little. Set achievable goals, this may be small but that’s ok and receive criticism with a broad mind. Always think that every mistake or a fall is to make you someone better and go on with a positive attitude.