Australian Opal Jewelry

May 15, 2019 Off By Laia Valdivia

What is jewelry? It is made up of raw material to be molded into something beautiful. A jewelry can enhance the beauty of a person by a lot. From a piece of ring to a diamond necklace, it has become a part of our life. We wear bracelets or rings or any sort of jewelry to make us look good every day.

Jewelry has been around for more than few decades and it is still rising up in value. In relation to this the Opal rings Adelaide has made quite a name for itself. First let us talk about Opal. It is a gemstone vastly found in Australia, which is also known as Queen of Gemstones.

It is a very precious stone and comes in many colors. The history of Opal originates from Africa.

The Australian Opal was discovered in late 1900’s and since then it has become a favorite among many old and young people. Australia produces about 95% of opal which are shipped around the world. Today Australia is the largest Opal manufacturer and distributor around the world. With its fine cut gemstones you can surely be the talk of an event.

Opal is a one of kind gemstone that can’t be reproduced. It is rarest of its kind.

In Australia there are three type of Opal found namely:

  1. Boulder Opal:

They come in many different colors and it is one of the most beautiful gemstones out there as it consists of a rainbow like pattern.

  1. Black Opal:

It is the rarest gemstone which is very difficult to obtain and also very expensive. It has a black tone on its body which makes it look very unique.

  1. White Opal:

They are the most common type of gemstones found in Australia, as they are in light white color and very easy to afford.

 Australian Opal jewelry is the most famous opal around the world. As mentioned they come in different colors and quality, also they are most precious stones to be found anywhere else. These opals can be available at an affordable price and can go up towards the rarity depending on the stone and its pattern of design. You can use them as a pendant, necklace, ring or even in the form of diamond necklace. It is to be noted here that they are very fragile and easily broken if not taken care of.

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