Do’s And Don’ts Of Skincare

August 15, 2019 0 By Laia Valdivia

Each and everyone of us would love to have clean and clear skin. But sometimes that is just easier than done. However, have you thought that the reason this is so difficult is because of the little things you do yourself. Well here are some skincare dos and don’ts you need to know of.

Do take off your makeup before bed

Sometimes you probably are just too tired to do anything once you get back late from a hard day of work that you simply want to go to bed straight away. But no matter how tired you might be, don’t put taking off your makeup for later. Sleeping with makeup on only puts your skin in a horrible condition with the pores being clogged and whatnot. Your skin needs to breath overnight and this is only possible if the layers of products aren’t blocking it. So be mindful of this and protect your skin from breaking out frequently and having to go through all sorts of facial procedures to restore it.

Do wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is practically an essential product in the environment and climate conditions we live in today. On that hand even though the protective layers are in the process of reforming into its old lengths, the UV rays that still pass through are plenty. These rays could even cause cancerous cells to form in your body. So don’t ever step out without rubbing that layer of sunscreen. Getting plenty of the morning sunlight is definitely recommended as vitamin D, but be especially careful of the noon sunlight! After all, no matter how much you spend on eyebrow threading Gold Coast to look pretty, if you end up turning into a burnt potato because of sunburns, going back is definitely going to take a while!

Do be mindful of your diet

Think twice before stuffing yourself with anything and everything. Remember the more oils you pack on in your diet, the more breakouts you would be facing. On the other hand, the more carbs you eat, the chubbier you’ll turn out to be. So think twice on what you eat and what you should be avoiding. This will certainly help you be more in control of your body proportion and health on the whole!

Do workout

Another great way to make sure your body gets all that is needs to develop, is working out. When you work out you sweat out all those unhealthy toxins. As a result, you are making more room for blood to flow through all parts of your body thus enhancing regeneration of skin cells! Think of how your actions would affect your skin and do what suits best!