Advantages Of Bundled Real-estate Investments

March 22, 2019 Off By Laia Valdivia

The real estate industry progressing with various enticing offers, majorly tend to focus on providing existing structure or homes in comparison to the time consuming process of completing a space from scratch, subject to area and plot and design being decided by a customer. The tendency to overlook house and land offers is high due to potential buyers generally affected by time factors among other aspects. This article is focused on highlighting areas overlooked in providing insight on some advantages of progressing with bundled offers that can be beneficial on cost, design and placement factors widely available.

Choice – Generally, an existing space offers the avenue of renovation with placement of each area and features not as required or the optimum choice. With a bundled offer, the selection process of a particular plot and construction as per design selected personally provides assurance the space is personalized. House and land packages in nowra and similar cities provide advantages in creating a new home in well located adding value and attracting high calibre tenants to invest in.  With specialist construction companies offering experts services, choosing of a particular plot in an area whilst designs are fine tuned to customer satisfaction are possibilities attracting a growing first home owner customer base.

Savings – With cost being a significant factor in finalising purchase of housing, the process of starting fresh on a bare land offers savings on stamp duty in many countries. With a building component existing on a plot being purchased, renovations and refurbishment required prior to moving in means, paying for a complete component though not occupied.

Depreciation – Overlooking depreciation factors can be disadvantages with most countries offering a wide range of tax deductions claimable for new investment housing. With average investments for fixtures and fittings being depreciable, returns can be aligned with payment of rates, interest and rental management.

Initial Occupancy – New homes, having the advantage of being incredibly attractive to buyers is a mode used by construction companies in attracting high calibre tenants drawn to modern conveniences with a view of occupation on long term basis. With premium rent values a general focus within real estate, professional builders brand new spaces generally are priced higher gaining high return for investors parallel.

Maintenance – A notable benefit with a new construction can be highlighted as having very low maintenance or minor changes requiring to be completed prior to occupancy. Builders progressing with construction warranties enable cost and stress free maintenance as standard which can last up to 5 years depending on provider.Reasons above can be considered significant value additions encouraging investors to consider options of home and land options to explore in many locations, comparatively rather than progressing with an existing space in general.